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Take a Day trip to Key West from Miami

Choose our excursion from Miami or Fort Lauderdale to Key West to enjoy one of the most scenic road trips in the United States aboard a luxury coach crossing 43 bridges that connect the islands, including the beautiful 7-mile bridge (the largest in Florida)

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  • How often do you travel?
    We usually travel every day! With Covid-19 now, we are traveling at least twice a week.
  • How big is the bus? What does it look like?
    We have different buses. They are all Motor Coach buses with 56 or more seats depending if its a Double Decker or not. The bus is painted white and has a "Miami Travel and Tours" logo in the side. However ,you may be picked up in a passenger van to be taken to the Coach bus.
  • Can you pick me up from my location? If so ,what time?"
    Most likely yes! We pick up in almost all hotels in Miami. When booking, you will see a comprehensive list of all the hotels we pick up from and the pick up time. If you don't see it, you can reach out to us and we can accomodate the nearest pick up location to you. Same goes if you are staying at a friends or an Airbnb.
  • Where is the drop off/pick up point in Key West?
    The drop off and pick up location in Key West is 908 Caroline Street. It is in front of the Flagler Railroad Museum.
  • What should I bring with me?
    It depends on the activities you choose to do. If you plan any water activities ,bring a change of clothes and a towel at least. If you don't, then you should be fine bringing nothing in particular.
  • At what time does the bus arrive and leave in Key West?
    The bus arrives at 11:30 AM and leaves at 5:30 PM. You will have a total of 6 hours in Key West.
  • At what time does the bus get back to Miami?
    The bus gets back to Miami at 9:30 PM usually. However, your drop off will be a bit later depending on where you are staying.
  • Can I bring food or drinks on board?
    Only water is allowed to consume while on the bus.
  • Is there a restroom on board?
    Yes there is, however we only allow #1 to be done.
  • Do I need a voucher when I get picked up?
    No, you don't. We will have a list with your name and the amount of passengers on the reservation. As long as you are at the designated pick up location at the right time ,you will be good to go.

This is how it works

1. When you book you will get a pick up time according to your pick up location

2. On the day of your tour, we will pick you up from your location.

3. We drive down to Key West and you can take pictures of the beautiful bodies of water through the big windows in the bus.

4. On the way to Key West, the tour guide will be telling you about Key West, its history, its culture, activities as well as other things to do!

5. We get to Key West around 11:30 AM

6. We will hand you a map of Keyt West and then you have 6 hours to explore Key West and its out-of-the-ordinary culture.

7. Take pictures and enjoy your time in the Southernmost City in the United States by yourself, you will have 6 hs free to roam the island. 

8. We meet back at the bus at 5:30 PM.

9. Get back to Miami at 9:30 PM (depending on the traffic and the drop-off area) . Get rest from a long day!


Any more questions? 
Contact us!
Phone: 305-771-5761

a sneak peak of key west through a local's perspective

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